Erosion Control

  • Silt Fence Installation and Maintenance
  • SWPPP reporting and logging
  • Turbidity Barrier Installation and Maintenance
  • Construction Entrances
  • Inlet Protection
  • Site Specific SWPPP solutions
  • Certified In-house Erosion Control Inspectors

Clearing and Demolition

  • Tree Clearing, Grinding and Hauling
  •  Demolition of Concrete Sidewalk, Curbing
  •  Asphalt Demoilition and Milling
  •  Structural Demoilition and Haul-off
  •  Sawcutting as required to insure clean demo limits


  •  Site Stripping
  •  Demucking and Muck Haul off
  •  Contaiminated Fill Abatement
  •  Lake Excavataion and Dewatering
  •  Site Balancing
  •  Furnishing and Placing Structural Fill
  •  Finegrading for Concrete Sidewalk
  •  Finegrading for green areas, littoral Shelfs and LME's
  •  Stucco Grading for building construction
  •  Structural Excavation and Backfill
  •  On-site Crushing and Screening

Underground Utilities

  •  Storm Water Collection Systems
  •  Saintary Sewer Collection Systems
  • Water Distribution Systems
  •  Fire Protection Systems
  •  Sewer Forcemains and Liftstations
  •  Installation of FPL, AT&T and Comcast conduits and Structures
  •  Sock and Wellpoint Dewaterting
  •  Grease Traps / Grease Waste Systems

Asphalt Paving

  •  Fingrade Compacted/Stabilized Subgrades
  •  Furnish/Install/Finegrade Baserock
  •  Furnish and Install Asphaltic Concrete Flexible Pavement Systems
  •  Complete Signage and Stripng Packages

Concrete Services

  •  Install Various Types of Concrete Curbing
  •  Install Concrete Sidewalks
  •  Install Concrete Pavements
  •  Various Detectable Warning Surfaces
  •  Colored,Stamped, and Textured Specialty Finishes
  •  Concrete Bollards

Other Services

  •  Maintenance of Traffic
  •  Surveying and As-builts
  •  Fencing, Guardrails and Handrails
  •  Signalization
  •  Landscaping and Irrigation
  •  Sodding
  •  Brick Pavers

About us:

Prince Land, Inc is a locally owned and operated family business founded in 1989 by Bruce Prince. Both of his sons have grown up working alongside hime, gaining valuable knowledge of the industry.

Prince Land, Inc. has a philosophy that "Service" is the one quality that creates logevity in a company and guarantees return business.


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